Friday, 14 October 2016

GORILLA ARMY: Single Artwork / FREE CDs with custom orders

C75 Live artist/owner Cuban Pete was recently invited by Official Gorilla Army General D.Original Mr Blue to be down with the team and of course accepted. 

Members also include Ape Shit, Blend, Bdi, Lord Subliminal, Dj A Sharp, Nitti, Farley, Bazooka Joe, & Stilly Mac Milly.

In 2007 Mr Blue founded the label Hoodwatch. Releases include Money Train, True Testaments, Abandon City, Cipha Kings, and most recently the four track ep 'The Beast From The East' featuring Doo Wop and Blend; available to buy HERE.

D.Original Mr.Blue is currently finishing up the 'Lyrical Terrorist' ep with Goretex (of Non Phixion), longtime partner in rhyme Dingo, and Dj A-Sharp on the cutz. Plus his full length album 'The Miracle', both releases fully produced by Mr.Blue.
Look out for the first official Gorilla Army track 'Gorilla Tactics' coming soon!
Artwork by C75 GFX

Mr Blue recently sent a care package to Cuban Pete which included some free CDs and stickers to give away with C75 Designs custom orders. So get your orders in for caps, jackets, and sneakers now!