Thursday, 31 January 2013

Blogging up a storm!

Im going to be on the blogger tip a bit more frequently from now on. If anyone (companies/individuals) wants to send me anything to review here on the blog you can email me for the address to send goods to. Make sure to include a return envelope if you want your items back.

If it is digital content then you can send it to that email also.

Items for review need to fit the theme of the blog and can include, but aren't limited to, clothing/footwear/fashion, graffiti/art, Hip Hop music and culture. Any questions, please ask.

If anyone has a pair of these Nike x Supreme Air Force 1's to review (UK size 8 please) I will be a very happy blogger.


Love Keith Haring but never been a big fan of Reebok style wise.

Not sure about these. Looks a bit like someone tried to be Jeremy Scott but just stuck some random shit on a shoe. My favourites are the ones that just incorporate his designs on the shoe instead of using the 3D bits.

My favourites from the collection (below) 

Closely followed by:

Pictures courtesy of Bodega