Friday, 12 August 2011

New to the shop on sale NOW!

First up is this unusual yet traditional take on a hat. Its the good old feather in my cap but graffiti style.
The feather can be done in any two colours you like so you can match it with any outfit or occaision/team/etc.

Ive decided to add this suit jacket to the site. Ive had it a while hanging around but after many compliments I decided to list it. Obviously you can have your own name on the banner, no banner at all, or even a design of you choice custom done for you.

Ive updated some of the pictures on the site with more recent work Ive done, such as the caps pictured.

Ive also extended the custom trainers to the womens pages as well after having a few enquiries.

Best of all, as you can see from this page, I have redesigned a few things to make them more uniform and create more of an identity between the various sites.

You will see more links down the side of this page too, hopefully, making everything a bit more accessible.

Click a few of the links and take a look around.