Sunday, 26 June 2011

Samsung Phone Back Cover

This is the back cover of my own phone.
Hand painted by me.

If you would like something similar let me know.
If theres enough interest I may sell them in the shop.

New cap!

Ok, this one is mine!
It has a girl (from the cover of Bode's Erotica) and says 'Cuban' on it.
Its definitely mine lol.

If you want something similar please contact me via email. They will be available in the shop soon.

Friday, 17 June 2011

NEW! 'C75 Designs Presents...' Bandcamp Page

C75 Designs has now started a music page on (click pic to visit site)

There will be FREE music from a range of artists, mostly ones that have had work done by C75.

The new LP, 'The Pl4yercak3', from Big Rob & BLUNT! was first up. You can see the cap I did for Big Rob HERE (click to view)

Next up was 'The Chemical Spill EP' from Canadian artist, Hazardous Material. Im in talks to do a logo and possibly mixtape cover for his next release.

The latest release posted was the 'Barzology' mixtape by Tempa. Straight 'Out Da Ville', Tempa is working on a new album and asked me to do some custom heels for her next video. Believe that will be posted here when its done.

Keep checking the site for more releases soon.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Death Gets A Facelift

You may remember the denim jacket backpatch I did a while back >
It was my first attempt and I wasnt altogether happy with it.

I nearly cut the sleeves off then decided Im not the denim vest sort.
(not enough muscles to ripple)

I wasnt too keen on the graf down the bottom. Hated the colours and the letters didnt link together properly. I didnt mind the writing below the 'C75' but people kept reading it wrong. (the tag on the right didnt help)

Only took half an hour or so to get it how i wanted it.
You can see the revamp below;