Thursday, 22 September 2011

C75 x CLX (Cuban Pete x Cuban Linx)

Heres a pair of kicks i did recently for Perfecta over at, the site of everything Wu-Tang related.
Ive had a lot of interest in these and when I uploaded the pictures on Facebook it lead to a possible collaboration with some Wu family members for an upcoming project so keep your ears open and eyes peeled for more news.

If you would like a pair, or something similar please email me.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Everblaise Cap

I was recently asked to do a cap for Deana Blaise, the owner and designer of Everblaise Designs.
When it arrived Deana messaged me, saying "I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!"

The graffiti is the Everblaise Designs logo and the monster was adapted from one of Deana's fuzzy fleece monster hoodie/shrugs, as seen below:

Deana does funky and fun handmade clothing and jewellery. All one of a kind pieces at reasonable prices!
Lots of dancewear and party wear! She says "All I do is party! ahahaha"

The Everblaise Designs website is still under construction but you can view a gallery of her work on it.
Keep an eye on the Everblaise shop on where you can find one off unique pieces for sale. Follow the link below to see what she has sold so far in the shop. You can message her on the site to request your own custom work done.


"Blaze a trail in EverBlaise Designs!"

Friday, 12 August 2011

New to the shop on sale NOW!

First up is this unusual yet traditional take on a hat. Its the good old feather in my cap but graffiti style.
The feather can be done in any two colours you like so you can match it with any outfit or occaision/team/etc.

Ive decided to add this suit jacket to the site. Ive had it a while hanging around but after many compliments I decided to list it. Obviously you can have your own name on the banner, no banner at all, or even a design of you choice custom done for you.

Ive updated some of the pictures on the site with more recent work Ive done, such as the caps pictured.

Ive also extended the custom trainers to the womens pages as well after having a few enquiries.

Best of all, as you can see from this page, I have redesigned a few things to make them more uniform and create more of an identity between the various sites.

You will see more links down the side of this page too, hopefully, making everything a bit more accessible.

Click a few of the links and take a look around.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Samsung Phone Back Cover

This is the back cover of my own phone.
Hand painted by me.

If you would like something similar let me know.
If theres enough interest I may sell them in the shop.

New cap!

Ok, this one is mine!
It has a girl (from the cover of Bode's Erotica) and says 'Cuban' on it.
Its definitely mine lol.

If you want something similar please contact me via email. They will be available in the shop soon.

Friday, 17 June 2011

NEW! 'C75 Designs Presents...' Bandcamp Page

C75 Designs has now started a music page on (click pic to visit site)

There will be FREE music from a range of artists, mostly ones that have had work done by C75.

The new LP, 'The Pl4yercak3', from Big Rob & BLUNT! was first up. You can see the cap I did for Big Rob HERE (click to view)

Next up was 'The Chemical Spill EP' from Canadian artist, Hazardous Material. Im in talks to do a logo and possibly mixtape cover for his next release.

The latest release posted was the 'Barzology' mixtape by Tempa. Straight 'Out Da Ville', Tempa is working on a new album and asked me to do some custom heels for her next video. Believe that will be posted here when its done.

Keep checking the site for more releases soon.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Death Gets A Facelift

You may remember the denim jacket backpatch I did a while back >
It was my first attempt and I wasnt altogether happy with it.

I nearly cut the sleeves off then decided Im not the denim vest sort.
(not enough muscles to ripple)

I wasnt too keen on the graf down the bottom. Hated the colours and the letters didnt link together properly. I didnt mind the writing below the 'C75' but people kept reading it wrong. (the tag on the right didnt help)

Only took half an hour or so to get it how i wanted it.
You can see the revamp below;


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Evolution Of A Cap

Just finished a brand new custom cap which was a suprise for rapper Big Rob.

You can see how the custom cap was created from start to finish by clicking on the tab on this blog or at the shop site - HERE

Watch out for Big Rob & BLUNT! - Playercake LP
Coming soon!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New Online Shop!!!

I felt the shop page was a little limiting on the blog so I have set up a whole new shop online at

There are pages for each item, with an easy navigation system, and easy payment options available through Paypal.

I will still be updating the blog regularly with new products and items of interest so keep checking back as usual.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cuban Couture

Here are the first two pairs in a new range of heels Im doing.

They are available in both closed and peeptoe, patent and suede.
See more pics, and buy them, at;
my etsy shop
and Glamfoxx

They will also be on sale here soon!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! T-Shirt World coming soon!

Its a brand new year and C75 is opening a new t-shirt online store (very) soon!

The site will have designs by C75 designer Cuban Pete as well as other independent designers and artists.

Full details of the new site will be posted here very shortly.