Saturday, 18 December 2010

LIMITED EDITION "Cold Chillin" custom cap from C75

C75 is launching a new design range called 'The C Word'.

The line will revolve around, wait for it, the letter 'C', and the first in the range is the cap that is ideal for the weather at this time of year.

Show them your pimpins colder than Iceberg Slim in this custom fitted signature piece from C75.

The letters jump out with a synthetic baby blue fur that makes you wonder whether to wear it or pet it.

This unique piece will get everyone checking your big freeze steez while you battle the elements.

These are available in a limited run of 50 caps, so grab em while you can, but there will be more styles available soon.

Only £35.00 (GBP) with FREE P&P

Head over to the shop now to avoid disappointment!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

C75 on You Tube

I recently did a promo video for C75 and uploaded it to my new You Tube channel (here).

I shall be uploading new videos every so often to my channel so be sure to subscribe to it and/or add me as a friend if you are a member.

My first video is below;

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

7 Inches Of Pleasure

Remember records anyone?
These 7 inches give double the pleasure as they are an audible and visual treat.

Side A features the song "Respect Yourself" by The Kane Gang (still playable).

Side B features a hand painted/drawn piece of artwork by your very own Cuban Pete.

This one off excl;usive artwork is available for £40 (GBP) with FREE P&P so make sure you grab up a bargain and head to the shop.

Hawaiian Sophie Jeans - now on sale!

You thought the jacket was a bold move check out these jeans.

Hand painted with the same Hawaiian Sophie design as the jacket (here) these jeans stand out in a crowd.
They are available in mens (loose fit as pictured) and womens (more fitted), just let me know which you need and your size (waist and leg length).

Please allow 5 days for the work to be done, before posting.

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans at home that you know will fit you?
Just send me your jeans and i will paint the design on them. What could be better?
Please contact me for details of where to post etc @

or just 'buy it now' for only £125 with FREE P&P in the shop.

Jessica Rabbits for sale on

My Jessica Rabbit heels are now for sale at Glamfoxx.

"Glamfoxx's goal is to send you unique, fashionable, couture products before anyone else.
Located in the heart of one of America's trendiest cities- Palm Beach, Florida, we strive to give you that one of a kind look.
Glamfoxx specialises in womens clothing and accessories, infant and childrens wear, and items for the home, brought to you by manufacturers all over the world.
We never over charge you for amazing couture products, and with us, you will always look and feel fabulous!"

With celebs such as Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and Tori Spelling shopping there its no suprise C75 has been welcomed aboard. Look out for more products to be sold on Glamfoxx in the near future.

See the heels HERE

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