Friday, 28 May 2010

Dont sleep

Heres an old school style denim jacket I did recently.

Ive put my new "C75" logo across the shoulders.
C75 is a name Im toying with as a label name, as opposed to just Cuban Petes.
Let me know what you think.

Just right

Heres some shoes I did for my lady wife.

Yes, they do say "Right" on both shoes.

Because, as any man knows, women are always right!

Another Dodo cap

I had originally promised to do a purple cap for Dodo from Embassy in Middlesbrough and when he finally gave me one I did it.
Needless to say he was more than happy with it.
Be sure to check out the Embassy hip hop clothing store in the In-Shops in Middlesbrough's Dundas Centre.

Long time no see!

Hi folks! Sorry the blog has been a bit inactive of late. Ive been busy thinking about moving house, and then deciding to stay where I am.

Anyways, here is a cap I did for myself while I was away.
Ive been practicing my graf while Ive been away and tried to get away from the really old school style Ive been favouring. Please let me know what you think.