Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Asgard Graphics - Home of the Gods!

Here is my new poster that I will be sending out to advertise Cuban Petes. It was designed by Adam at Asgard Graphics,, and I am very pleased with the result. I came across Adams site while trawling the net and was so impressed with it I rang him straight away.

I was able to give him just the basic information and let his creative mind go to work. Due to my lack of available time this is exactly what I needed, rather than having to lead someone by the hand. He also rejigged my logo which I have now used to replace my previous effort at the top of this page (Im more hands on rather than computer based).

I cant thank him enough for all his hard work and invite you all to check out his site to see what he can offer.

Asgard Graphics website:

email; Telephone; +44 (0) 7502 285 181

Live from the Embassy

I did this cap for the owner of a store called Embassy, which can be found in the Dundas Arcade in Middlesbrough. He was kind enough to let me put up a poster advertising my work so I did this cap for him. The store carries a wide range of hip hop style clothing and accessories and is well worth a visit next time your in the Boro.

Bring it back!

Heres a prime example of more subtle customisation. I bought this Ecko backpack with most of the design already on. All I added was the 'Cuban' graffiti behind the guys head, and the blog address across the top. Already a great design but I have managed to make it a unique piece.

Collar & Cuffs

This is my favourite cap at the moment. I did this as the second cap in the series Im doing but I like it so much I customised my work shoes to match with a sort of splash design so it looks like I either stepped in my cap or it dripped on them, which goes with the style of the cap. I completely covered the Yankees logo on the front of the cap but it still stands out slightly due to the shinyness of the paint.