Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Im doing a limited edition (10, one in each design) range of caps. They are gray New Era caps with the New York Yankees logo on one side and at the back (along with a Cuban logo on the adjustable strap). One size fits all!

I will be posting them as I do them so please contact me if you want to buy one.

Here is Number 1.

THE Jacket

You may remember this jacket from my very first post on this blog.
It used to just have the flying eyeball on the sleeve.
Well to cut a long story short, I got bored on a trip to Edinburgh and the design expanded. Just a little.
As it was...

Suits You Sir!

Heres a suit jacket I did specially for the Designers Marketplace stall.
Its a winged spraycan with 'Cuban' (what else?) on the banner across the top, partially covered by the cap that went in the raffle.

Marketplace Weekend

The Designers Marketplace event was a great success. Heres some pictures of the stall that was set up. I was sat at the table during the day doing stuff 'live' and answering any questions.

We did a raffle where one lucky punter won the cap below and others got personalised bags or trinket boxes with whatever they wanted on them. Pictured below is a box with Ben 10 on done for Bob:

Bling Kingin it!

Heres a pair I did for Stephen at Yakuza in Middlesbrough.

These were all black until I switched up the laces and applied some bling down the stripes on them.
Yakuza sells a range of designer clothing and can be found on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. You can visit their website HERE