Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dead 'n' Bury

When I got this pair of Kustom's (the brand) they were plain white with the skulls down the side and some skull laces to match. My first thought was skull=death, hence the lettering.

The design owes more than a nod to an artist named Shin Tanaka (see his stuff at who I saw had done a pair of Adidas in the book 'Art & Sole' (highly recommended for you sneaker freaks).

Im not all doom and gloom so I added eyeballs to the skulls and a splash of colour, I also replaced the laces to match.

Im redoing the sides of the sole with a more solid colour tomorrow but I couldnt wait to get the pictures up.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Read these Nikes!

Old school graf for some old school looking Nikes. Also did my first character on trainers. I chose Pepe Le Pew as a) I like him, and b) I wanted something black and white to go with the simple colour scheme of my design.

Better trainers!

The Lonsdales were a cheap pair to practice on. Next I went for some skate shoes (I think) by Deklines. Bit bigger and chunkier, and nicer to draw on.

Cuban Petes first pair of Cubans (as they will be known)

This is the first pair of trainers I did. Bit of an old school graf feel to most of my stuff as thats where my hearts at.

Summer 08 jacket

I wore this jacket most of last year. Id been after something with an old school graffiti feel to it and decided the flying eyeball was the way to go.

It always got plenty of looks.