Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Im doing a limited edition (10, one in each design) range of caps. They are gray New Era caps with the New York Yankees logo on one side and at the back (along with a Cuban logo on the adjustable strap). One size fits all!

I will be posting them as I do them so please contact me if you want to buy one.

Here is Number 1.

THE Jacket

You may remember this jacket from my very first post on this blog.
It used to just have the flying eyeball on the sleeve.
Well to cut a long story short, I got bored on a trip to Edinburgh and the design expanded. Just a little.
As it was...

Suits You Sir!

Heres a suit jacket I did specially for the Designers Marketplace stall.
Its a winged spraycan with 'Cuban' (what else?) on the banner across the top, partially covered by the cap that went in the raffle.

Marketplace Weekend

The Designers Marketplace event was a great success. Heres some pictures of the stall that was set up. I was sat at the table during the day doing stuff 'live' and answering any questions.

We did a raffle where one lucky punter won the cap below and others got personalised bags or trinket boxes with whatever they wanted on them. Pictured below is a box with Ben 10 on done for Bob:

Bling Kingin it!

Heres a pair I did for Stephen at Yakuza in Middlesbrough.

These were all black until I switched up the laces and applied some bling down the stripes on them.
Yakuza sells a range of designer clothing and can be found on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. You can visit their website HERE

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cuban Petes @ Designers Marketplace - 29th Nov

Cuban Petes is coming to the Designers Marketplace in Middlesbrough, UK.

Sunday 29th November 2009

The Designers Marketplace is the first event of its type in the region. The travelling market is a non-commercial showcase of some of the best creative talent in the region independent of gallery and studio based groups and memberships. Founder Helen Stevens formed the market to build on the idea of an open support network and creative hub for regional artists and designers.

The event provides a platform where both emerging and established designers and artists have a chance to promote and sell their work directly to the public. Designs and products on sale show greater innovation and design awareness to what you would find at the more commonly found ‘craft fair’, through a series of mini-boutique like stall spaces, conventional ways of shopping are being redefined.
The diverse collection of high quality and contemporary merchandise ranges from fashion garments, accessories, art, jewellery, textiles, photography, ceramics, vintage and interior products. Most products are bespoke hand-crafted pieces made up by the stall holders themselves. It is the perfect opportunity for the shopper to find that something different they are always looking for.

With a DJ playing live music all day and the occasional food stall, the market offers a touch of excitement and a slice of that London market buzz. Local art groups, societies and galleries are also invited along. The first hour of the event acts as a trade show where the vendors, press and regional businesses are offered the opportunity to network and view the fully stocked showcase of talent.
So if your in the area come along and have a look at whats on offer. Ill have some stuff off the blog on show as well as some new items you'll get to see before the rest of the world.
Ill be taking orders on the day so if you have trainers or items of clothing bring them along to give your order priority.
See you there!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Heres another pair I did recently that can only be described as 'full colour'. I went for an old school bubble letter with laces to match the yellow. Just to make them standout that little bit more.

'Fly Spray'

Here's a pair I did recently. I decided to do them in a blue and white design, simple but effective.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Heres a pair I did for a frend of a friend called April. She is into street dance so I added musical notes so her feet can really move to the beat. The rhythm will get you!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The 'Andy Steve'

Andy Stephenson of Florida wanted his name on his kicks for whats left of summer.
He asked for dark green laces but all I could find were some green ones similar to the green of the design which he said made them look like clown shoes. So he swapped them for black and, to be fair, they do look better.
(He also supplied the photos as I did take some to post but Ive stored them somewhere 'safe'. So safe I cant find them lol)
He was well pleased and so will you be if you order a pair of custom jobs from Cuban Petes.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

'Hawaiian Sophie' Jacket

Another exclusive from Cuban Petes!

This is a one-off hand painted/drawn artwork on a lightweight mens jacket (from a well known high street store) - size Large.

The design covers most of the back and side and is based on an old school graffiti character created by Sphere and Sketch, which can be seen in the book Spraycan Art.

Her left arm comes round the side with her hand permanently in your pocket (make up your own jokes guys!)
There is "Cuban" detail on the right sleeve and left hand breast pocket.
This jacket is one for the old schoolers and retro fans alike and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

This one went to the man Perfecta from Cuban Linx. The sites currently down but when it comes back up Ill add it to my blogroll on the right of the screen.

Monday, 22 June 2009


These are a pair of custom jobs I did for my friend Marek 'Maverick' Baker.
I used the same trainers as my 'Midlands Mafia'. He wanted (so I did) his name down the outer sides, a koi and dragon in a tattoo stylee down the insteps, and blue laces.
The only drawings Id done on trainers was the Pepe Le Pew and Betty Boops which were more cartoon style but the koi and dragon turned out very good. Im tempted to try more of that style on some of my own trainers as I have done some more stuff to my 'eyeball' jacket (which I will post soon to show you) that is very tattoo influenced which I think compliments the graffiti style.
If you want some custom jobs but want something you dont see pictured let me know and I will see what I can do.

Friday, 19 June 2009

DOA - Dope On Arrival

Im constantly saying 'these are my favourite so far' but they are. Basic black Rockstorm (?) trainers (with no crappy brand logos apart from on the tongue underneath the 'Basquiat' style crown), changed black laces to white, and used paint markers on the suede/nubuck material.
Simple yet effective with the three letters in yellow with white adlibs. I was toying with yellow laces but I like the clean of the white ones with just a splash of colour.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Midlands Mafia massacre

You may or may not know that Im reppin the Midlands area. I thought Id prove it with this niiice pair of canvas Lonsdales. I changed the laces for some red ones as well to add more colour.
As they are canvas it was the first time I was able to use fabric markers to do the design and it worked a treat.
It worked so well that Ive been commissioned to do a similar pair that Ill up in a couple of days.

Sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of a shoe Im working on. Couldnt wait to put it up.
I used Wildstyle the movie logo as the major influence so the colours would stand out against the blue.

Cuban's Pretty Fly jacket

Heres the jacket I promised. I added the Pretty Fly logo just so you could all see what I was talking about. Things are going slow with the label etc but things are in pipelines and irons are in fires.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pretty Fly (not just for white guys)

Cuban Petes is launching a new

clothing line called Pretty Fly

The website will be up and running soon, as will the ebay shop, and the products will be available in selected distributers throughout the country. There will be a basic range of various black and white t-shirt designs, with the logo, followed by limited edition runs of colours and variations of the logo. There will also be the opportunity to obtain customised pieces, similar to the jacket I will post up here in the next day or so.

Look out for Pretty Fly - Coming Soon!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Show us your Boops

Took a while to get round to posting these but I did them for my wife for Valentines Day.
She likes Betty Boop and her nickname of sorts is Jezebel. I was going to do it on an identical pink pair of trainers she has but couldnt find them anywhere so I used the blue ones. I actually like the contrast between the colours more I think.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dead 'n' Bury

When I got this pair of Kustom's (the brand) they were plain white with the skulls down the side and some skull laces to match. My first thought was skull=death, hence the lettering.

The design owes more than a nod to an artist named Shin Tanaka (see his stuff at who I saw had done a pair of Adidas in the book 'Art & Sole' (highly recommended for you sneaker freaks).

Im not all doom and gloom so I added eyeballs to the skulls and a splash of colour, I also replaced the laces to match.

Im redoing the sides of the sole with a more solid colour tomorrow but I couldnt wait to get the pictures up.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Read these Nikes!

Old school graf for some old school looking Nikes. Also did my first character on trainers. I chose Pepe Le Pew as a) I like him, and b) I wanted something black and white to go with the simple colour scheme of my design.

Better trainers!

The Lonsdales were a cheap pair to practice on. Next I went for some skate shoes (I think) by Deklines. Bit bigger and chunkier, and nicer to draw on.